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North Korean Nuclear Test and its implications Liu Lin 679 

'Central Asia Partnership' for Afghanistan and Its Neighbors S. Frederick Starr 391 

Abe Shinzo and Japan's Foreign Policy Bert Edström 102 

Afghanistan Beyond the Fog of Nation Building S. Frederick Starr 132 

Anatomy of a Crisis:U.S.-Uzbekistan Relations Multiple Authors 184 

Burma/Myanmar's: Searching for the Right Remedy Christopher Len - Johan Alvin 29 

Cadres and Discourse - People's Republic of China Michael Schoenhals - Xiaolin Guo 20 

Central Asia's Economy Malcolm Dowling - Ganeshan Wignaraja 27 

China and Afghan Opiates: Assessing the Risk Jacob Townsend 121 

China and Greater Central Asia: New Frontiers? Niklas Swanström 199 

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